It’s much safer with Biodegradable sauce sachets

Takeaway food is popular because most people are not into cooking. Also, cooking comes with washing. It is never a pleasant idea if your days are tight. Packaging of the takeaways has been a major concern in the food industry to do with environmental conservation. To be honest, takeaways are far from becoming eco-friendly but they are not completely off.

Here is a big step, biodegradable sauce sachets .

Right direction

The main component of the product is alginate material, which completely decomposes in 6 weeks. There is nothing special with using these new sauce sachets . You open and throw it in the bin just like the others. While it is just starting in London restaurants, the manufacturer intends to spread the good news across the world. The short-term goal is within the city, to replace at least 40,000 plastic packets from households. The manufacturer hopes to achieve this number in an 8-week period.

The first roll out of the compostable sachets was tested for about six weeks in Southend. A huge percentage of customers involved in the test program found it easy to use. The design was obviously attractive hence better for most clients.


It has been a major concern across the world on this threat to environmental sustainability. The feedback from the rest of the market is encouraging. The sauce sachets are not only about branding a business but also replacing the traditional plastic sachet idea, which was obviously threatening the environment. The main drive for the new sachets is restaurants; consumers can easily interact and react on the new packaging from the restaurants hence easy to make further changes to suit the market.

Consumers are more cautious about percentage of plastics in their homes; they prefer to cut down in any way possible starting from takeaway orders.